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StarBright Dual-Action Pen


Do you travel a lot but whant to keep your smile sparkly white and healthy? The StarBright Pen is a dual-action pen for on-the-go teeth whitening and enamel strengthening. Brush on the whitening gel to maintain your white smile. Brush on the enamel booster gel to strengthen your teeth’s enamel and block stains!

How to use:

    Unscrew the whitening gel side first and apply a thin layer of gel to each tooth. Allow to dry for 30 seconds. Repeat this process with the enamel booster side.


  • Perfect product for ongoing maintenance and oral health
  • Protect and strengthen teeth and block stains with the enamel booster side
  • Maintain a white smile with the teeth whitening gel side
  • Removes stains as you accumulate them (coffee, cola, red wine, etc.)
  • 30 applications — 1 month supply
  • Best results guaranteed!


  • StarBright Pen with whitening gel and enamel strengthening gel

Contains 12% hydrogen peroxide


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